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F A Q 's

Are bookings necessary? Yes, especially weekends and holidays - this helps us to provide correct staffing levels to care for your pets.

What vaccinations are

Dogs – All dogs require annual vaccinations (in some cases this may be extended to 3 years if using Nobivac) for Distemper, Parvovirus, Hepatitis, Parainfluenza and Leptospirosis.
 These vaccines must be given more than 14 days prior to Boarding.

Bordatella (Canine cough) is also required and is sometimes given intranasally (drops into the nose). This vaccine must be given more than 14 days prior to Boarding.

Cats/Kittens– All cats require vaccination against feline calicivirus (FCV) Feline enteritis, Feline rhinotracheitis (snuffles)(FRV or herpes virus). Vaccinations need to be given more than 14 days prior to Boarding .

What other health
requirements do you have?

Please ensure your pet has been wormed and deflead less than  7 days prior to Boarding
We do NOT recommend Frontline or Broadline for cats.
We prefer Evance, Advantage, Advocate or Revolution.

Do you offer discounts for long stays?

Yes, there is a 10% discount for long term boarders (more than 3 weeks) and two or more pets. Discounts do not apply during Christmas/School or Easter holidays or Public Holiday weekends.

May I come and visit before my pet stays?

Yes - Visitors are welcome - please phone to arrange a suitable time

Will my pet play with others?

Dogs are exercised three times daily, either separately or in small compatible groups.

Cats are free to enjoy the open spaces of the main cattery and play room and snooze in the sun on a comfortable chair

 Shy cats may be given playtime on their own.

When is the best time to bring my pet in?

We encourage you to bring your pet in the morning, to give them time to settle into the routine before bedtime. Arrival late in the evening, especially in the winter can be unsettling for them

Are the kennels under cover or outside?

All kennels are inside with outer covered runs.

If I provide my pets food is there a reduction in cost?

We are happy to feed special diets but as this actually causes more work for us there is no reduction in the daily rate. Please ensure food is supplied in Plastic containers or in meal sized portions and is clearly labeled with pet's name and feeding requirements

Do you have a pickup/delivery service?

Yes - please phone to arrange this prior to admission, there is a small charge for this service.

Do you give medications?

Yes - we will give medications for non contagious medical problems but please give us clear written instructions, there is a small charge for this.

May I bring my pet’s toys or blankets?

Yes - A limit of two toys per pet and one small blanket but please note we are not responsible for damage to these items and please no bean bags or sheepskins.! No oversize beds or blankets and all bedding and toys must be clean and labelled.

Can I visit my pet?

We advise against visits, as Pets become confused when you leave without them and we then have to try and settle them again

Do you offer grooming/hydrobath facilities?

All long stay dog boarders (more than 3 weeks) receive a complimentary hydrobath. Hydrobaths are available to short term and casual guests on request. Please arrange this when booking your dog in. Full grooming can be arranged with prior notice, for dogs and cats at a local grooming parlour



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