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   Bookings are Essential 

Please note change of email address now

Step 1: Bookings
Please read the Terms & Conditions and information below, before doing your booking. 
We are closed  Xmas day/Boxing day and 1st & 2nd January 2017

Over the Xmas period, December 20th to January 15th, there is a minimum booking period of 5 days.
It is recommended that
Dogs new to our kennels,  have at least one, day stay or overnight stay first, before being boarded over peak holiday periods.
          Bookings for  New Clients/New Pets  please click  Booking form  

     Existing clients/Pets  click  here  to book or email us on

If your booking request is for a peak holiday time (including school holidays) please contact us via email wanganuipetmotel@gmail.com to enquire about availability, prior to completing the enrolment form.
We are often busy attending to our guests and can sometimes be hard to reach by phone. Please leave a message including your phone number so we can call you back.
Step 2: Preparation
  • Current vaccination including specific Canine Cough vaccine. (must be completed more than 14 days prior to boarding)
  • It may be necessary to give your vet permission to allow us access to your pets Vaccination records.
  • Details of  worm and flea treatments including dates and products used (Treatments must be done less than 7 days before boarding) We do NOT recommend Frontline or Broadline for cats. We prefer Evance, Advantage, Advocate or Revolution
  • Contact numbers- please bring contact details for yourself and/or a reliable friend /relative


  • We do provide beds and  bedding, however you are welcome to bring your own clean bedding. Please make sure it is clearly labeled. Oversize beds/ excess bedding are not accepted. One small blanket is sufficient.
  • Toys 1 or 2 but not favourites in case of damage.
  • Please do NOT feed your pets prior to admission, Cats especially, can get stressed with car travel. We will feed them on arrival.

 Step 3: Check In

  • Please leave your dog in the car while we complete the paperwork
  • Bring your vaccination book with you.
  • Details of flea/worm treatments (products and dates)
  • Updated phone/email addresses for yourself and your contacts.
  • For your pets safety, all dogs on leads and cats in cages at all times please.

  • Check in between 8-9.30am. (Mon-to Sat). Mornings are prefered for checkins so that your pet can settle in before night fall. We are also open between 4-5.30pm (for checkins) Mon to Friday and Sundays too.

We like to welcome our guests with some time to acquaint themselves - Time to sniff around and "read the pet newspaper" as we sometimes call it. So the best time to check in, is in the morning, when they have all day to become relaxed and happy. We will then have plenty of opportunity to introduce new pets to the regulars. 

If morning check in is not possible, then  soon after 4pm gives your pet and us, time to get aquainted.
We appreciate your concern for your pets, however, once your pet has been delivered and checked in we prefer not to get calls asking if the pet is ok. As you can imagine when we are busy, phone calls take us away from caring for the pets. We have your contact details and if there are any issues we will contact you.

Exit Bath: Although we endeavor to keep our guests clean they sometimes get a bit grubby during playtimes. Should you like your pet to be sent home smelling fresh and clean please book an "Exit bath" with your booking. ($25) We usually do this the day before departure in case of early pickups.




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