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Agrisure Certification


207 Roberts Avenue
New Zealand
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All new arrivals must produce a CURRENT VACCINATION CERTIFICATE. Pets must have been vaccinated  More than  14 days prior to boarding. 

Established customers are required to produce their pet's vaccination certificate on the first visit following the last vaccination.

For puppies and kittens, please consult your vet prior to booking.

We recommend that dogs be vaccinated for Canine Cough (Bordatella).


Your pet must have been wormed LESS Than 7 days before boarding, using a vet approved product that covers Hookworm, whipworm, roundworm and Tapeworm.

Appropriate products are : Drontal, Paratak Plus and Vitapet Allwormer products.

Flea Treatment

All pets must be treated for fleas,  less than 7 days before  boarding.

Appropriate products are : Advocate/Advantage, Evance and Revolution.

 We have found that Frontline and Broadline are not effective on cats

 for the period that is stated on the box.


All dogs and cats are fed premium, complete and balanced, Nutro LogoDry Food.
Owners wishing to supply special diets are welcome to do so. Please bring food in a plastic container or in meal sized portions with your pet's name on them. 


This is supplied but owners are welcome to bring clean bedding, however, we accept no responsibility for loss or damage. Please - no beanbags or sheepskins. No Oversized beds or bedding please.


This is available to boarding dogs and casuals. Cost is from $25.00.
All dogs in our care for three weeks or longer are bathed free of charge.


Professional dog grooming can be arranged at a grooming parlour with prior notice.


Please do not feed your pet the morning of admission. Cats especially, can be stressed with car travel and are best travelled on an empty stomach. We will feed them on arrival.
All dogs must be on a lead prior to getting out of the vehicle.
All cats must be in cages these will be labelled on arrival. Please line the bottom of the cat box with newspaper in case of accidents.
We are happy to store cat cages (except at Xmas time) but accept no responsibility for loss or damage
Emergency Contact Numbers Preferably someone your pet knows
Please book early for long weekends and holidays, especially Christmas. This helps us to provide correct staffing levels to care for your pets.

We reserve the right to refuse any animal admittance to this establishment

 Dogs that do not settle and remain in a stressed condition will not be accepted back for boarding in future. This is for the sake of the pet and other pets in the facility.



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